A non-profit model

Our association was created while answering to the call for projects "My solution for climate change", from french "Occitanie" region in 2019.

Since the beginning, it was thought to rise a collective energy, involving various local stakeholders (private, public, educational...) around a general interest project: produce more clean energy, while improving ecological continuity.

We rely on a lowtech approach, which aims to answer human needs with technolgies that minimize negative externalities on the environment, while maximizing the social benefits.

This process considers that using only economical indicators to decide of the interest of a project is insufficient. Therefore it does not aim only for their maximization. As a consequence, it makes it less suitable for classic inverstors fundings.

Anyway, the apparent simplicity of the developped solutions hides time-consuming and complex developments, requiring human, technical and scientific resources, not available to the individuals or small structures intended to implement these solutions.

In order to absorb these development costs, while allowing the diffusion of these solutions, we propose a model relying on the following principles:

  • A non-profit structure (VISETA association), having its own means (employees, technical means...) ensure the technology design and protoyping, provides drawings, manufactures specific parts and toolings, training future players, advising project holders. Its operation is mainly permitted by donations, skill patronage... Its function is similar to a public or private research center.

  • Project holders, involved and trained to the design and maintenance of their installations

  • A network of local trained partners (carpenters, renewable energy installers...) owning machines and skills, autonomous in the realization, or willing to offer new products


Professional training

We are willing to propose trainings about the manufacture, use and maintenance of the products we are developping.

We can as well take action with various organizations to explain our global design approach.


Awareness raising

We regularly take communication actions with general public, to sensitize to issues related to technologies & environnement.